Buy quality fresh fish and shellfish from a real fishmonger

Fresh and frozen fish and shellfish from a real fishmonger, delivered to you

Sea spaghetti is the height of culinary fashion, but it's not all hype. It's being portrayed as the new superfood, rich in minerals and vitamins, and has a nice, mild, slightly salty taste and crunchy texture. Ideal to serve fish on (just steam it) or serve as a vegetable with a dash of oil or butter and lemon juice, or deep fried for a few seconds as a garnish.  
Wild sea trout - these are the last of the season, from Islay! These are wonderful fish, we've filleted them and cut them into 200g portions, they are only £7.60 each.  We've seen wild sea trout on a lot of restaurant menus recently - be fashionable and order these for your dinner party!
Find great offers here on fish and shellfish that are ideal for your barbecue.  Summer seems to have come and gone, but it's supposed to be back next week! We've managed to have an excellent barbecue, the star items on the menu were clams cooked in a pan over the coals*, fish and prawn kebabs and salmon.
Scroll down for salmon that's down by a £, tuna, swordfish and prawns.

*Clams couldn't be easier.  Heat some olive oil and add some very thinly sliced garlic and red peppers (sweet or chilli peppers, according to your preference). When they are bubbling add the clams and put a lid on the pot. After about 3-4 minutes when the clams have opened, serve in bowls with some of the oil and crusty bread. This can be done indoors for an easy starter, but they are great cooked in a lidded pan on the barbecue.
Find other ideas for barbecues and al-fresco eating HERE!

There are still plenty of best Cornish sardines being caught!  They are sold individually at 85p each.
We prefer skinless salmon fillet, but use skin-on fillets for the barbecue. It's an ideal fish for roasting on the coals, start skin side down and then turn over. Don't overcook! Try this - a covering of Cajun spices on some of your fillets then your guests can chose - spicy or not!
Salmon is down by a £, from £4.25 to £3.25 for skin-on 200g portions, with similar reductions on skinless fillets as well.  

Nothing better than tuna on a barbecue! The price has dropped recently, so it's down by a massive £3 to £6.15, that's for a 200g steak.

These salmon and cod kebabs are new! They are ready to go on the barbecue, just brush with some oil.  Only £2.50 each.
There are also swordfish kebabs and prawn kebabs on offer, click HERE to find them.

Swordfish steaks (220g) are down to £6 from £8, we've had a delivery of low-price swordfish, just in time for the barbecue season. It is high quality, it's the price that's dropped, not the quality!

One of our lovely customers sent us this poem, we thought you'd like to share it!

The Smelly Alley Fish Co is one of a kind
The likes of which are hard to find
Not for me the cheap imitation
I like quality on every occasion!

Fresh and divine and not at all smelly
Oh what a treat to fill my belly
No need to shout, no need to exclaim
Smelly Alley Fish - just remember the name!

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Fresh fish to your door from The Smelly Alley Fish Company
The Smelly Alley Fish Company is a real traditional town-centre fishmonger, so you can order from an enormous range of fish and shellfish, from salmon to scallops, from lobsters to lemon soles, from turbot to tuna, from cod to cuttlefish.  The Smelly Alley Fish Company specializes in fresh fish, and it's prepared by us according to how you want it, from portions of salmon to skinned fillets of seabass to whole, cleaned whiting, they are not pre-packed, ready-made frozen portions. Your fish will be delivered when you want it. It arrives in a sealed box,clean and odour-free. All fish is individually vacuum-packed, with ice, ready to cook or put straight in the freezer.

What's in a name? We're in a street that has had food shops in it for hundreds of years. In the 1600s it had an open sewer running down its length, so it became known as Smelly Alley, and that's what local people call it. Now there is just one fishmonger, one greengrocer and one butcher, and we are in Reading, Berkshire.
Wonderful fresh and frozen fish and shellfish just waiting to be delivered to you!
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