Buy quality fresh fish and shellfish from a real fishmonger

Fresh and frozen fish and shellfish from a real fishmonger, delivered to you

Make your Valentine's day special! Don't join the crowds, just order seafood, buy a bottle of champagne and ENJOY!
Valentine's day is on Sunday this year, so there's no excuse not to make it a special day!
Order for delivery on Friday* or Saturday if you live in the Reading area.
*Saturday deliveries have a small extra charge - it's what our couriers charge us

Try these ideas for a delightful Valentine's day dinner
Scallops have come down by 40p, they are now £1.60 each, that's for FRESH scallops
Smoked salmon is down to £6 from £
(200g), that's just until Valentine's day
This is prime FRESH Scottish smoked salmon
Lobsters are being exported to China, apparently, so there's a shortage for the UK market, we've kept ours at last week's price, that's £20 for a 400g lobster

Just for Valentine's day we are offering 6 FRESH Mediterranean crevettes for £4
Oysters are always a first choice for Valentine's day
and so is caviar!

Delivery is always free if you order over £50, that's £30 if you live in the Reading area. Click on the van to find more information.
The FRESH smoked cod roe season has just started. It's smoked by the experts in Hull. The expertise needed to produce such good quality smoked roe is something to be valued, these smokers don't produce the chewing gum smoked roe you can buy elsewhere. The price might have to go up as supplies of quality smoked roe are in short supply, but just for this week the price stays the same!

Cod roe is back, cooked and uncooked. The season should last for another few weeks, until March, but nothing guaranteed!
Just had a delivery of some really brilliant Arbroath smokies, they are about 250g and are £4.50 each, that's a whole 90p cheaper than last week!
Some choice Cornish catches!
Cornish monkfish is the best you can get. If you see cheap monkfish for sale, it's not Cornish, and it's not as good as Cornish either! Second best is Scottish, but it's nowhere near as good as this. It's down by a pound on last week's price, so take advantage of this quality fish.

Cornish lemon soles have dropped in price by nearly a half! These are excellent soles, their price has dropped but the quality has gone up. For some reason Scottish and Icelandic lemons are softer with a shorter shelf life, if anybody knows the reason, email us please. (From £12.50 to £6.75!)
These rainbow trout are local (well, local to our fishmongers in Reading, they are Berkshire trout). They are at least 500g and will come to you as whole, gutted fish, or fillets, it's your choice, and they are both £4.00, that's a whole 50p less than last week!
Kevin celebrates 50 years as a fishmonger! He started work when footballers were earning £20 a week, in the year when Winston Churchill died and the first American troops were sent to Vietnam, the Beatles got their MBEs and the 70mph speed limit was introduced. The fishmongers started life as Frosts Fishmongers with a landlord called Mr Haddock, and now continues as The Smelly Alley Fish Company. That's 50 years selling quality fish to the people of Reading, and 10 years of a quality nationwide delivery service.

Kevin completed this year's Cancer Research Dryathlon - no alcohol in January. Not a drop of alcohol passed his lips for 31 days! Thank you to everybody who encouraged him with their contributions to Cancer Research UK, he exceeded his aim of £300 by £25.

Fresh fish to your door from The Smelly Alley Fish Company
The Smelly Alley Fish Company is a real traditional town-centre fishmonger, so you can order from an enormous range of fish and shellfish, from salmon to scallops, from lobsters to lemon soles, from turbot to tuna, from cod to cuttlefish.  The Smelly Alley Fish Company specializes in fresh fish, and it's prepared by us according to how you want it, from portions of salmon to skinned fillets of seabass to whole, cleaned whiting, they are not pre-packed, ready-made frozen portions. Your fish will be delivered when you want it. It arrives in a sealed box,clean and odour-free. All fish is individually vacuum-packed, with ice, ready to cook or put straight in the freezer.

What's in a name? We're in a street that has had food shops in it for hundreds of years. In the 1600s it had an open sewer running down its length, so it became known as Smelly Alley, and that's what local people call it. Now there is just one fishmonger, one greengrocer and one butcher, and we are in Reading, Berkshire.
Wonderful fresh and frozen fish and shellfish just waiting to be delivered to you!
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