Buy quality fresh fish and shellfish from a real fishmonger, it's Christmas!

Fresh and frozen fish and shellfish from a real fishmonger, delivered to you

Christmas is only 24 days away! Find some suggestions for Christmas presents here - great suggestions if you've run out of ideas!
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Kevin celebrates 50 years as a fishmonger! He started work when footballers were earning £20 a week, in the year when Winston Churchill died and the first American troops were sent to Vietnam, the Beatles got their MBEs and the 70mph speed limit was introduced. The fishmongers started life as Frosts Fishmongers with a landlord called Mr Haddock, and now continues as The Smelly Alley Fish Company. That's 50 years selling quality fish to the people of Reading, and 10 years of a quality nationwide delivery service.
The fishmongers in Smelly Alley in Reading will be open 7 days a week in December and January
with the exception of 27th December.

Delivery is ALWAYS free if you order over £50, that's £30 if you live in the Reading area. We will deliver next day if you order by 11am, and we will confirm delivery dates by phone or email. We don't leave you in the dark, we will always keep you informed*
*fish deliveries to us depend on the weather and the season, we keep in touch with you if certain fish haven't been caught that night.

This week's offers
Best Norwegian haddock - just delivered! It's prime fish! And down by 5%! All the fish we send to you is vacuum-packed and labelled, so you can put it straight into your freezer with no further work, so time to start buying for Christmas?
One of our customers has just emailed us about cockles:

"In my last order I had some cockles. Never tried from you before, as the ones I have bought from the supermarkets have been horrible - very gritty and also tasteless, apart from the vinegar I put on them. Yours are absolutely fabulous. I honestly haven't tasted cockles like this since I was a child. I really mean that (& I'm 68yrs!). I honestly thought that cockles had actually changed! Will certainly purchase these from you again."

Need we say more? Well, yes, just to tell you that we've put the price down to encourage you to try them! 250g are down from £6.25 to £5.00.

We've never seen these before, we've obviously seen bream, but these are si
lver bream. They are from the Indian Ocean, 1kg and just wonderful.
Bourgeois are rare, prized fish from the Indian Ocean, that's rare to the UK, they are not endangered. We haven't had them for sale since 2009, but we've managed to source some of these wonderful fish. White-fleshed with a lovely flavour, we're selling them as whole fish or steaks. A whole fish baked whole is a spectacular centrepiece to a dinner party. They are not cheap, but worth every penny!
Lots of prime quality mackerel in at the moment, they are 500g minimum, down from £6.50 to £4.50.

One of our lovely customers sent us this poem, we thought you'd like to share it!

The Smelly Alley Fish Co is one of a kind
The likes of which are hard to find
Not for me the cheap imitation
I like quality on every occasion!

Fresh and divine and not at all smelly
Oh what a treat to fill my belly
No need to shout, no need to exclaim
Smelly Alley Fish - just remember the name!

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Fresh fish to your door from The Smelly Alley Fish Company
The Smelly Alley Fish Company is a real traditional town-centre fishmonger, so you can order from an enormous range of fish and shellfish, from salmon to scallops, from lobsters to lemon soles, from turbot to tuna, from cod to cuttlefish.  The Smelly Alley Fish Company specializes in fresh fish, and it's prepared by us according to how you want it, from portions of salmon to skinned fillets of seabass to whole, cleaned whiting, they are not pre-packed, ready-made frozen portions. Your fish will be delivered when you want it. It arrives in a sealed box,clean and odour-free. All fish is individually vacuum-packed, with ice, ready to cook or put straight in the freezer.

What's in a name? We're in a street that has had food shops in it for hundreds of years. In the 1600s it had an open sewer running down its length, so it became known as Smelly Alley, and that's what local people call it. Now there is just one fishmonger, one greengrocer and one butcher, and we are in Reading, Berkshire.
Wonderful fresh and frozen fish and shellfish just waiting to be delivered to you!
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