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The Smelly Alley Fish Company for the very best quality smoked fish of all kinds, we are a real traditional fishmongers based in Reading.

Something else? Look for all our Shellfish, or Smoked Fish, Roes and Caviars.

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Kippers, bloaters, buckling and red herrings online

Kippers, bloaters, buckling and red herrings onlineSeven kinds of smoked herrings - kippers (four different types), bloaters, buckling and red herrings  Find fresh herrings here

Smoked haddock and smoked pollock online

Smoked haddock and smoked pollock onlineTraditional and natural smoked haddock, Finnan haddock and Arbroath smokies, all these fish are smoked haddock in its various forms, plus smoked pollock. 

Smoked mackerel online

Smoked mackerel onlineSmoked mackerel doesn't need any introduction.  These are plump fillets, sent to you in pairs.

Smoked salmon online

Smoked salmon onlineSalmon smoked in the Severn Valley, it's wonderful. Sliced or unsliced, large or small slices. We've included gravlax here, it's not smoked salmon, but served in a similar way, it's salmon fillet that is cured with salt, sugar and dill.

Smoked trout online

Smoked trout onlineReady to eat, great in a light lunch or salad.  Some prefer its gentle taste to that of smoked salmon.