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Online Fishmonger since 1997 - Smelly Alley Fish

Delivering fish and shellfish nationwide

A traditional town-centre fishmongers - delivering nationwide

that's what makes us different, we don't operate from an industrial unit

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*in Reading town centre

** 0118 939 3076

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Deliveries resume on Wednesday, depending on our fish deliveries after the bank holiday weekend  (Tuesday in the Reading area depending on our fish deliveries after the bank holiday weekend)

seafood for barbecue


Seafood on the barbecue is nicer than beefburgers and sausages

Our barbecue shop will give you some great ideas 

Prawns, mackerel, salmon,  swordfish just for starters!

You'll find tips for barbecuing seafoodas well

trout sea trout


Compare this lovely fish favourably to wild salmon,

at half the price!

1.5kg fish

We will fillet them for you, but you should really order, cook and serve them whole to appreciate just what lovely fish they are

salmon offer

Fresh, never-been-frozen Shetland Salmon Fillet

Healthy omega-3 rich salmon - prime fillets from the Shetlands. 180g fillets, down by a £.

Easy to cook, lots of recipes for salmon here. We especially like this recipe for Teriyaki Salmon.

Our customers told us that 200g portions are too big for one, and two small for two, so we have changed to a more manageable 180g portions. The price dropped by a £ then again, exactly in accordance with the drop in size!

sea bream

Wild sea bream

are usually only plentiful in the spring - so take advantage of these wonderful Cornish fish!  Just as good as wild bass (or better), and a lot cheaper!

Cornish fish - you can't beat it!

samphire buy

The sun's shining, 

English samphire

is here - it's the best!

New size, only £4.50

The Smelly Alley Fish Company - a first-class service, first class fresh fish, seafood and shellfish.

"What a brilliant service, I really enjoyed the cod roe on toast last night"

"I have never been disappointed by any of the fish that I have bought from you. All the product that I have received from you have been beyond my expectations and I do not think that I could have bought anything better from another fishmonger. That is why I always buy from Smelly Alley"

"Just to thank you - delivery was great - seafood was super - the giant prawns were more than I wanted in the best way!!"

The First and the Best Online Fishmonger

The Smelly Alley Fish Company was established in 1976. It offers an enormous variety of seafood, delivered to your door within 24h. The product quality is undeniable and the customer service is great!  Relax, knowing you can trust the fishmongers and we have the widest choice of seafood online: from crabs, smoked salmon to fresh tuna, it's all covered!

"My order just arrived and it looks great. Brilliant service as usual"

About The Smelly Alley Fish Company

A real Traditional Fishmonger

Delivering seafood to your door since 1997

The Smelly Alley Fish Company is a real traditional town-centre fishmonger, so you can order from an enormous range of fish and shellfish, from salmon to scallops, from lobsters to lemon soles, from turbot to tuna, from cod to cuttlefish.

We specialise in fresh Cornish fish, and it's prepared by us according to how you want it, from portions of samon to skinned fillets of seabass to whole, cleaned whiting. Our seafood is not pre-packed, ready-made frozen portions produced in a factory.

Your fish will be delivered when you want it. It arrives in a sealed box, clean and odour-free. All fish is individually vacuum-packed, with ice, ready to cook or put straight into the freezer.

We often have offers on our products, or even reductions on your shopping carts. The last one was 15% off!  We also tell you about seasonal fish, bargain fish and send you news about what's new at the fishmongers. If you want to make sure you hear about these offers, sign up for our Newsletter!

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What's in the name

We're in a street that has had food shops in it for hundreds of years. In the 1600s, it had an open sewer running down its length, so it became known as Smelly Alley, and that's what local people still call it. Now there is just one fishmonger, one greengrocer and one butcher and we are in Reading, Berkshire.

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