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How your fish is packed and other information | The Smelly Alley Fish Company

How is your fish delivered?
In the Reading area your fish is delivered in our r
efrigerated vans. In other areas delivery is by overnight couriers who promise they will deliver before noon. The fish is packed in sealed polystyrene boxes with ice packs to maintain a low temperature. It is a well-packed, clean parcel. All frozen items may thaw on overnight delivery (not necessarily so), so should not be refrozen, although they will be cold enough to go straight into your fridge. Please let us know where you would like the parcel left if you are out. Don't forget, the parcel is well packed and clean so you can have it delivered to your workplace if that would be more convenient, and it will keep cold so you can keep it until it's time to go home.

Here's a summary of your delivery
Packed with ice
Each portion individually vacuum-packed by us
Ready to eat or put in the freezer
Each portion labelled
Use by date (ignore if you freeze your fish)
Clean polystyrene box
Recipes included
Attractive presentation with lemon and parsley
Clean, well wrapped parcel - so you can have it delivered to your workplace or home!

Fish fillets are sold that way so that our customers don't have to deal with bones.
However - it is impossible to guarantee that a fish fillet is free from bones. We don't x-ray the fillets for bones, we can only do our best to remove them. Fish are not standard products that are uniform in their qualities, so beware, our fish products MIGHT CONTAIN BONES.
If you are worried about bones, for example if you are serving children, it is always worth checking for yourself that there are no bones left in the fish.
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