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Recipes Squid in Batter | The Smelly Alley Fish Company

Squid in light batter

Order cleaned squid for this recipe, either a whole cleaned squid that you can cut up yourself, or squid rings delivered with tentacles. They are both prime English squid, fresh, not frozen.

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This is a quick and easy recipe. 

Serve simply with half lemons or with some bought chilli sauce.

A good light batter for squid is made from two rounded tablespoons of cornflour* and one rounded tablespoon of plain flour mixed smooth with 4 or 5 tablespoons of chilled sparkling water – simple. If needed just multiply these basic ingredients so you get as much batter as you need. You can add a pinch of salt, and chilli or black pepper, or smoked paprika powder.

Coat the squid in some flour (cornflour or plain flour - easy to do this if you put the flour in a plastic bag add the squid then shake the bag, this makes the batter stick to the squid), then dip in the batter, then fry in a wok  – this can be as little as one minute – don’t overcook! It will curve and go crisp, then it’s done. Keep warm on a baking sheet with kitchen towel on it in the oven until all the squid is cooked. Great served with a chilli sauce.

*cornflour is great for lightening up recipes - have you ever tried making shortbread with half or one third cornflour instead of ordinary flour - it's great!