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A barbecue hamper £75

£ 75.00
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A barbecue hamper £75

Buy online a hamper from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company – a hamper makes a great gift:

This hamper is what we call a 4-person hamper, but if you can eat all this fish, then you're lucky! This is a total of nearly 3kg of fish! It will serve 8 if part of a barbecue with salads, etc.

If you need to order peppers, onions and wooden skewers for your barbecue, find them here.

Our giant prawns are ideal for barbecues - find them here.  One per person would be more than enough - some of our customers call them "lobsters"!

This is what you'll get in your barbecue hamper. To make it a special gift, order a quality wicker basket (see main photo) - we'll pack our usual sealed polystyrene box into the wicker hamper, so that it can later be used as a picnic basket or for storage.

4 pieces of tuna 110g each
4 pieces of swordfish 110g each - easy to cook, just put on the barbecue grid
500g of uncooked peeled king prawns - make into kebabs or cook in a wok on the barbecue
a whole grey mullet 750g - put some herbs and lemon slices inside, wrap in foil and put on the barbecue grid
400g of Portuguese sardine fillets - cook skin side down on the grid, they'll cook very quickly, so keep an eye on them
4 skinless Shetland salmon fillets 100g each - cook straight on the barbecue grid

Find other hampers HERE, including a white fish hamper.

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