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A dozen oysters with an oyster opener

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The Smelly Alley Fish Company - Oysters from Colchester

First-class live oysters from Colchester. They are purified at least twice, the safest you can eat. Click here to find instructions on opening oysters with photographs. Some swallow their oysters in one go, but you'll miss out on their delicious flavour if you do this - chew them!

Colchester rock oysters, they've won awards

One of our customers said "Many thanks for the excellent oysters which arrived on Christmas Eve in perfect condition beautifully packed in ice with a lemon and herbs." Oysters are cheaper by the dozen, and a dozen is a good starter for two, or one if you're a real oyster lover. This combination - oysters and opener - makes a wonderful gift. The oyster opener is only £5 when bought together with oysters, £6 when ordered separately.  

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