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A fresh tuna loin steak 180g

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Best middlecut tuna steak. Keep some tuna in your freezer, ready to be put on the grill or barbecue. We cut large tuna loins into handy 180g steaks. Our customers told us that the previous size - 200g - was too much for one and not enough for two. And yes, the price did come down in proportion!

How to cook Tuna Steaks

Tuna is one of the easiest fish to cook. Get your griddle, grill or barbecue hot. Brush or spread some olive oil over the tuna, and sprinkle on some salt and black pepper. Cook for 2 minutes, then turn over and cook until it's to your liking. Tuna is sometimes served a little "pink" but we like it well done - test this by cutting through the steak, you'll soon see how cooked it is. How to serve tuna? Serve it as is with a half lemon, some chips and a green salad. Cut Tuna into strips and serve in a salad. Great as a tuna burger!

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If you want advice on other fish that are suitable for grilling, Contact Us.