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A shellfish platter £80

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Buy Shellfish Platters online from the UK's leading fishmonger

Try this nicely-presented platter of shellfish which will arrive on a very high quality black plastic platter under a domed lid. It looks good and is ready to go straight onto the table, or into the fridge. 

This shellfish platter makes an ideal gift, for a special occasion, a birthday, a "thank you”, or just a celebration meal at home –easy! Just provide some crusty bread and a bottle of chilled white wine (and some good company). Some of our seafood tools will help!

Shellfish Platters from The Smelly Alley Fish Company – the best gift, for yourself or a friend!

This is what will be on your shellfish platter. Some of the shellfish is sent out frozen, for example the cooked mussels, but they should be well on their way to being ready to eat by the time you receive your platter. This will serve from 3 to 6, depending on how much of a shellfish evening you want, there's certainly enough for 6, but luxury for 3!

6 oysters

100g peeled brown shrimps

6 crevettes

800g cooked crab

200g mussels

100g shell-on prawns

1 lobster about 400g

200g whelks

200g winkles

100g cockles

If you want to make up your own shellfish platter, take a look at this range of shellfish, we will pack it on the same platter, just say you want a platter when you order.

The Smelly Alley Fish Company in Reading is the best place for seafood lovers to buy shellfish online. If you want some advice on what shellfish to add to your platter, Contact Us.

If this is to be a gift and you would like your greetings to be included, Email Us.