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A skin-on cod loin 250g

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Buy Cod online from a traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company – fresh prime Cornish cod fillet

Cod used to be the favourite fish of the British, and it's still one of the most-purchased fish. This cod is hook and line caught off Cornwall from smallboats. We cut your portions or loins from thick and luscious fillets! If the weather stops the boats going out, we will send Icelandic cod, but fresh, not frozen.

This is a 250g piece of thick deboned cod fillet, skin on. We cut this cod to size ourselves, they are not ready-done portions. It can't be compared to cheaper cod, so don't confuse it with skinny offerings that you get elsewhere - you're getting real value for money here! If you cut slices from a loin they will be "medallions”.

Try making your own fishcakes - follow our recipe for fishcakes.

You can also order cod fillet, saddles, steaks or cod cheeks.


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