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A skin-on portion of fresh Shetland salmon fillet 180g

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Buy Salmon Fillets from a traditional high street fishmonger

Prime Salmon from the clean waters around the Shetland Isles, considered to be the best! We cut thick salmon fillets into handy 180g portions. If you want to buy larger salmon, order whole fillets, or try a whole salmon. Large whole fillets make a good centrepiece to a dinner, these 180g portions are just the right size as individual portions, choose what suits you best.

Salmon is high in protein, vitamins, minerals and omega 3, so is ideal as a weekly recommended portion of oily fish.

Our customers told us that 200g portions are too big for one, and two small for two, so we have changed to a more manageable 180g portions. The prices has dropped exactly in accordance with the drop in size!

Shetland Salmon Fillets - skin on or skinless?

Buy skin-on if you are going to be barbecuing or pan-frying (it will hold together better) or skinless if you are baking.

Try some of our salmon recipes. Teriyaki salmon is one of our favourites.

Not looking for fresh salmon? Try Trout instead.