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A whole cleaned herring 250g

£ 2.65
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A whole cleaned herring 250g

Buy online herrings from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company – herrings:

These will arrive cleaned and head off. Or order herring fillets if you want us to do the work for you. Herrings were once very abundant, they were the "silver darlings" of the Scottish fishery, and were so cheap that they were used as animal feed  Stocks are rising, so there are reasons for a bit of optimism. (These are quality Norwegian herrings.) Historically, because herrings don't keep for long and there wasn't any refrigeration, they were salted into red herrings, preserved in vinegar as rollmops and smoked into kippers
We used to send 450g of herrings, so you would probably have got two or three, but we think it's probably easier to order if you know you will be getting a certain number. So these are individual herrings. The price hasn't gone up!

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