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A whole skinless fresh Shetland salmon fillet 1.5kg

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A whole skinless fresh Shetland salmon fillet 1.5kg

Buy online fresh Shetland salmon from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company fresh Shetland Salmon:

This is an excellent way of buying salmon if you need a large piece, say for serving cold on a buffet. Prime, thick fillets of fresh skinless Shetland salmon, they are 1.5kg. These are great if you want a piece of salmon the size of a whole fish, but you don't want the hassle of the bones - these are pinboned. To get a salmon fillet this big, they have to be from 4 to 5kg fish, that means they have the taste and the texture. These fillets won't let you down! Try making Coulibiac, salmon fillet baked in pastry. It makes a great centrepiece to a dinner party.

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