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Anchovies and rollmops

The Smelly Alley Fish Company

Engrualis encrasicalus

buy anchovies and rollmops

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Anchovies are supposed to have a season, but we’ve always had trouble telling when this is! We may have fresh anchovies at intervals, but we mostly sell anchovies in oil. These are plain, provencale or orientale.

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Anchovies are related to herrings, they are small, tasty fish that have a widespread distribution, but the best are thought to come from the Mediterranean. When we manage to source fresh anchovies, take advantage because the season doesn’t last long.

Other oily fish – try sprats or whitebait.

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Anchovies and rollmops - add to salads, they are very moreish.

When we have fresh anchovies take advantage, there's nothing nicer!