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Arbroath smokies (smokies) 250g

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Arbroath smokies (smokies) 250g

Buy online Arbroath smokies from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company – Arbroath smokies and how to eat them:

Arbroath smokies are small haddocks that are smoked until they are cooked - that's in a high-temperature kiln. These are real smokies from Arbroath on the east coast of Scotland, not mock "smokies" like some supermarkets sell.  EC ‘Protected Geographical Status’ means only haddock smoked using traditional methods within a five-mile radius of Arbroath can use the name ‘Arbroath Smokie’. These are the only kind of smoked haddock that are ready to eat, but we like them warmed (try the microwave) and served with fresh crusty bread and butter.  Eat them with your fingers! Usually sold as a pair, but these are large so order them individually.

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