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Barbecue Seafood Online

The Smelly Alley Fish Company
buy seafood for the barbecue

Buy seafood for your barbecue online from the UK's leading fishmonger

Almost any seafood can be cooked on the barbecue - especially if you use a griddle or wok.

There's nothing better than cooking squid directly on the barbecue grid. Or cook some clams or prawns in olive oil with garlic  in a wok. Or wrap a whole bass or bream in foil and bake it - wonderful! Some seafood is especially good - giant prawns or tuna will delight your guests!

Order seafood now from a traditional high street fishmonger

Find out more - we've got lots of hints and tips for barbecuing seafood.

The Smelly Alley Fish Company in Reading is the best place for seafood lovers to buy seafood online. 

Further information?  Contact us or visit us in the town centre to buy fresh fish if you live in the Reading area – speak to the friendly fishmongers!

Free Delivery over £50, that's over £20 if you live in the Reading area

A whole bass or bream, prawns or a lobster, fish kebabs, tuna, even kippers!

All great on the barbecue and so much better than beefburgers!