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Bloaters about 250g

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Bloaters about 250g

Buy online bloaters from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company bloaters and how to cook them

Whole smoked herrings, like kippers, but whole. Bloaters are salted before smoking, and the smoking is shorter than that for kippers. The kippers are not gutted, so a slightly gamey flavour results when they are smoked. If you like bloaters and find the roe still in them, you will be well rewarded. You can eat them as they are, but they are best cooked by grilling or baking in the oven. Bloater paste was a way of extending the life of bloaters, preserved under butter as a sandwich paste. Great Yarmouth Town Football Club are called "The Bloaters". We get the occasional request for bloater paste, but we haven't found any yet. When you enquire you get told "everybody's asking for it, but we don't make it"!

One of our customers said "the Bloaters were sublime, it's years since I have been able to obtain them".

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