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Breaded whole tail scampi 454g

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Buy Scampi from a traditional high street fishmonger. 

What is scampi? It is the tail of a crustacean, the langoustine, which is related to the lobster. These are not reformed tails made from other fish, they are authentic breaded scampi tails - whole tail scampi. Frozen.

Find out about the difference between scampi, lobsters, crayfish and crawfish.

How do you cook breaded scampi?

Deep fry or bake in the oven.  Another item that's good on the barbecue - cook a few in oil in a wok over the flames.  Serve with home-made tartare sauce, it's easy to make.  Just add some chopped gherkins and capers to mayonnaise, some chopped parsley for colour - that's it. 454g is the defrosted weight of these scampi

If you use oven chips, scampi and chips is such a great meal to serve at home. Here's that recipe for home-made tartare sauce.