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Buy Scallops from a traditional high-street fishmonger!

We sell our prime Shetland king scallops out of the shell, they are the best quality, not soaked, so what you get is all meat, not water. They come with the roe on, the part the fishmongers consider the best! If you want the roes removed, make a note when you order, there's space to  leave a message when you check out. Order shells as well if you want to do that traditional recipe, Coquilles St Jacques. Just right with a glass of chilled white wine!

King scallops, queenies and scallop shells, order them all!

Scallops have a sweet delicate flavour, and come with a warning – don’t cook them for long! You’ll find large fresh king scallops here, and smaller frozen queen scallops as well. There’s information on how to cook scallops in our recipe section.

If you need advice on which scallops to order, Contact Us. And if you are looking for other quick-cooking shellfish, try mussels and clams.

Free Delivery over £50, that's over £20 if you live in the Reading area

Scallops - beautiful delicate shellfish!

"Quick message of thanks for delivering the scallops/crab claws at short notice. We like our fish fresh....and yours got the thumbs up! Great service!"