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Clams 300g

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Buy Clams from a traditional high street fishmonger!

These clams are British clams from Essex even though they are called Manila Clams or Palourdes - they are the clams with the best flavour! We buy them live and send them to you live.

The clams been purified and are ready to cook. This weight of clams will easily serve one, or two as a starter. Most recipes for live mussels easily adapt to these clams. 

How to cook clams

The clams in one of the photographs were cooked in olive oil with garlic cloves, with a few strips of red pepper added for colour, plus thin slivers of chilli to taste. They are cooked when the shells open, discard any that don't open. These were the focal point of a barbecue, cooked in a wok over the coals, and the cook got no time off because the guests kept coming back for more.

Use these clams as soon as possible after delivery. They will keep for a day in the fridge, preferably in the salad compartment covered with damp kitchen paper. Don't store them in water.

If you are looking for other quick-cooking shellfish, try mussels and scallops.