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Clams are used in classic dishes such as linguine alla vongole, and clam chowder.

Palourdes, razor clams and giant clams, order them all!

Sweet tasting razor clams from Scotland, palourdes and giants from Essex. All purified, and ready to cook.

Palourdes is the French for "clams", so a good name for them! Clams can be eaten raw like oysters - the fishmongers will vouch for this! We like them simply cooked in olive oil (especially good when you are having a barbecue, just put the wok on the coals), with slivers of garlic and chilli, serve with crusty bread. Or try this recipe for razor clams.

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Clams - palourdes, razors and giants!

"Just received my Whelks and razor clams. Great. Very impressed with the quality and service!"