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Live and cooked cockles, a traditional dish often served as an appetizer. How to serve cockles? Cook live ones in garlic butter, serve warm, or warm the cooked ones and serve with plenty of pepper and vinegar. Or try this recipe for red-hot cockles. Or try them with chopped streaky bacon, or with laverbread. And if you are making a smoked haddock chowder, a few cockles sprinkled on top looks good.

Cockles from The Smelly Alley Fish Company – the best place to buy shellfish online

You must remember Molly Malone who “wheeled her wheel-barrow, Through streets broad and narrow, Crying, ‘Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!’" 

Cockles are increasingly fashionable as garnishes to other fish dishes, but deserve to be served on their own, especially good with a glass of beer! And they used to be sold by the pint outside London pubs, but you’ll have to be content with your 250g if you order cooked cockles. There is a 10% ice glaze on these cockles, so you will end up with 225g. If we have live cockles, they can be cooked like clams.

Buy your cockles from a real traditional town centre fishmonger, The Smelly Alley Fish Company in Reading. The best place for seafood lovers to buy shellfish online.

Other traditional shellfish to try – whelks and winkles.

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Cockles - Another popular shellfish at the fishmongers in Reading

“I have to say your cockles are by far the best I've in recent years and perhaps ever! They were absolutely delicious.”

"They are absolutely fabulous.  I honestly haven't tasted cockles like this since I was a child."

""The ones I have bought from the supermarkets have been horrible - very gritty and also tasteless, apart from the vinegar I put on them. These are absolutely fabulous.  "