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Coley for pets 300g

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Coley for pets 300g

Buy fish for your pets online from a local fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company coley for cats.

Tail-end coley just right for when your vet advises adding fish to the diet of your pet. Some pet owners are advised to give fish to their cats and dogs, so here's where you can buy it. We send you the tail ends, which tend to be boneless, but we can't guarantee no bones! The bones are easier to find if you cook the coley first, and they lie in one line, so if you find one, that's where you'll find the others. But, as we say, hopefully there won't be any! This is the same high-quality fish that we sell for humans, it is frozen-at-sea coley, not the old-fashioned "cats's fish", made up of fish pieces, that fishmongers used to sell.

This coley is frozen at sea and will come to you in a vacuum pouch. Just put the pouch on a plate, make a couple of slits in the plastic, microwave for about 3 or 4 minutes. Leave to cool in the plastic, then serve to your pet. The dish in the photograph has about half the pack in it, so you can see it will be at least two meals (fat cat in the photograph!). We give our cats tinned or dry cat food as well as coley, so this 300g pack lasts for at least 4 meals, so it's about 90p a meal. That's Lucille and black three-legged Stanley, now sadly deceased.

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