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Cooked and peeled king prawns 500g

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Buy Cooked and Peeled King Prawns online from a traditional high street fishmonger!

Cooked and peeled king prawns are the same prawns as crevettes,but have been peeled. They don't look as impressive as shell-on crevettes, but they save time if you want king prawns (crevettes) to cook, for example, in a curry. The peeling process for these prawns, while making life easy,automatically removes a little bit of their flavour, so they are ideal for adding to sauces, try them in a curry!

King prawns with chilli and garlic


We think the best way of cooking them is in a wok in olive oil with lots of garlic sliced very finely and some slivers of chilli pepper. Serve with chopped parsley or coriander and some good bread. They are frozen, 500g,WHICH IS THE WEIGHT OF THE PRAWNS, no ice included in the weight!!! This is about 50 prawns.

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