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Cooked crab claws 250g

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Buy Crab Claws from a traditional high street fishmonger!

Crab claws – a 250g pack of cooked crab claws, and you can expect around 8 to 10 claws depending on their size. Fresh Cornish hand-picked "cocktail crab claws". 100% crab, they are pasteurised,and have a long life in the fridge (at least a week), but eat within 2 days of opening the pack.

Best Cornish Crab Claws – order online!

You won't find an easier starter or light meal, just serve with a salad and brown bread and butter. These are ideal for decorating dressed crabs or prawn cocktails. A pileof crab sandwiches looks great topped with one of these claws. They will be great on picnics as long as you bring the shellfish crackers and a bowl of mayonnaise.

Try these served warm with garlic butter. Add some butter, very thinly sliced garlic and the crab claws to a hot pan. When the butter is melted and sizzling, not more than a couple of minutes, serve with some crusty white bread and maybe some parsley sprinkled over. Delicious! You’ll need some shellfish tools to make eating the claws easier – remove the crab meat before or during eating! You'll find shellfish tools and forks make your life easier.