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Cornish salted caviar 10g

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Cornish salted caviar 10g

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This is Caviar from Exmoor, a unique product with a uniqueflavour, produced from Acipenser baerii.

This is a slow-maturing sturgeon, so the business of Exmoorcaviar has grown slowly, until there is now an ever-increasing demand for thistrue, fresh, natural caviar. Nature is at the heart of everything at ExmoorCaviar, from the water supply to the fish, the feed, the environment and onlypure Cornish sea salt is added to the untreated caviar.


Exmoor Caviar’s sturgeon mature at a slower rate, so the roehas more of a chance to develop. This is apparent in size (about 2.7-2.9 mm),colour (which varies from black to light brown), and flavour (deep and rich). Theflavour of Exmoor Caviar is rich and creamy, with a mild nuttiness andafternotes of oyster. The caviar is aged and is generally best at 4-12 weeks.


Add it to other seafood dishes – great with scallops – or serveon its own or with blinis. A great Easter treat!

Caviar makes a great gift, order from The Smelly Alley Fish Company:

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