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Cuttlefish are like squid to eat, and donít need tenderising like octopus. Spring is the main fishing time for cuttlefish, Iíve seen tons landed in Poole at Frank Greensladeís, his whole working area was covered in black ink that went into his house and made the walls and carpet sodden with black ink. I asked him how he was going to clean it up he said we just call in a firm to lay new carpets and refurbish the house, we do this every year. I asked him how could afford that every year. His answer was we sell all these to Italy and you donít know how much profit we make. Large cuttlefish are very sustainable as they only live 2 years. Like all fish large cuttlefish have more flavour and itís the first fish I ate raw, in Thailand in the 70s.

Get your fishmonger to clean and skin them and save the ink or buy squid ink freeze dried (it will say itís squid ink but itís mostly cuttlefish ink as squid or octopus donít produce anywhere as much ink as cuttlefish). The ink has a distinct flavour, slightly fishy slightly burnt, if you have tasted black pasta, you would have tried it. Cook as you would squid, as little as possible to keep it tender. Fresh squid is getting difficult to buy at the right price because of shortages, and cuttlefish taste better. Although cuttlefish is available over most of the world, I donít think it is around the Americas. If this is true can somebody tell us why?

Find them here.

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