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Fish and Herbs | The Smelly Alley Fish Company


Fish goes well with many herbs – experiment! The old favourite is parsley, its taste and appearance both seem to enhance fish. It’s easy to grow, and easy to buy. Parsley stalks are the most pungent part, so use more or less according to taste, the same applies to coriander.

Coriander is stronger tasting, sweet and lemony.

Dill is great with salmon, and a garnish for smoked salmon.

Add a bayleaf to the stock when poaching salmon.

Basil is good when you use tomatoes in your fish recipes. It's also the basis for pesto sauce, which is great spread on fish before baking.

Dried herbs are acceptable, but not as good!

Marjoram is good with baked fish.

How to chop herbs– put the washed herbs in a cup or mug and use a pair of scissors to snip them – much easier than chopping with a knife, and safer! 

Samphire makes fish special - it has a slightly salty taste and crunchy texture. Lay some in the dish and serve your fish on top of it.

Lemon is always good with herbs, use the juice to sprinkle over fish before you bake it, or serve a lemon half with cooked fish, it's easier to squeeze than a slice of lemon.

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