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Why order a fish box

  • A fish box is easy to order if you don't have the time to choose your seafood individually.You can trust us to send you the best!
  • A fish box is easy to order if you want to try a new kind of fish. If you are used to eating white fish, why not try a smoked fish box instead?
  • A fish box makes an easy-to-order gift. If you'd like we can delete the prices and add a message to be included with the delivery.
  • Imagine - a very different kind of gift arriving this Christmas - for you, your relatives, even your boss! 

If you are sending to a friend or relative, or ordering a fish box for yourself, the contents are packed into a leakproof polystyrene box. 

The seafood is individually vacuum packed by us. It is all labelled, so what you or your friend or relative will receive is a clean white box filled with cold, clean packs of fish and shellfish. They are all individually labelled so that they can be put straight into the freezer if they can't all be eaten immediately.

This is what your delivery will look like - your fresh and cold seafood packed into a leakproof box well insulated box with ice packs.

We'll add a message if you'd like us to, just send us the words! Here's a couple of examples. Put your wording on the order form (there's a space for comments towards the end of the ordering process) or email

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