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Conger conger

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Conger Eel is a lot less popular than it used to be. Catches in Cornwall are down to one seventh of what they used to be 20 years ago, and fishermen find little demand for the catch, so the conger is often thrown back. Conger eel is a fish for people who really enjoy fish eating, you’ll be rewarded! It is popular in Portugal, China and Japan.

There’s no real equivalent to Conger Eel, but you could try huss or shark.

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Conger eel is an exception to most fish in that it needs a lot of cooking. To bake, steam or boil for 50 minutes is normal. Although it can be bony, especially at the tail end, it has a wonderful creamy texture and lovely flavour. Its meaty texture makes it ideal for fish stew. 

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Conger eel - time to revive it as a popular choice at the fishmongers! Firm flesh and a sweet flavour.