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Hake should be more popular, because there are plenty of catches landed in Cornwall, but most hake goes to Spain, France and Portugal. It’s time to reclaim this underrated lovely white fish!

Hake is soft when bought, its texture gets firmer when it’s cooked. There’s nothing better than hake and chips! Or bake it simply with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs, a pat of butter and some lemon juice, a great fish dish! It has been described as like cod with a more subtle flavour.

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In France, hake is called saumon blanc or white salmon, the Spanish call it merluza and Americans call it ling or whiting, not to be confused with our own ling and whiting.

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Hake is becoming increasingly popular - it's often on menus when eating out. Which it deserves to be, a lovely fish!

Another great Cornish fish!

"The hake we had on Christmas Eve was the best I have ever tasted, it was as fresh as if it had just walked in from the sea.  Great texture too."