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Fresh Cornish lemon soles

Microstomus kitt

lemon soles fresh fish delivered to you

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Lemon soles – not soles, and not tasting of lemons!

They are a sweet-tasting flat fish from Cornwall, with a delicate flesh. Lemon soles are a popular white fish purchase at The Smelly Alley Fish Company, you'll know why if you try them! A lot cheaper than Dover soles, and a lot of our customers prefer them.

Order whole fish or fillets, skin on or skinless.

They are such a lovely fish that they are best cooked simply – baking them is ideal, cover with a layer of foil to make sure they stay moist, or grill them.

If you buy fish online, this fish is a must - order your lemon soles from a real town centre fishmonger, the Smelly Alley Fish Company.

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