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Pollock Ling and Whiting Online

The Smelly Alley Fish Company
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Buy Pollock, Ling and Whiting online from the UK's leading fishmonger

When you’re looking to buy fresh fish online you can’t beat these three fish, Pollock, Ling and Whiting. Although they have become popular with chefs and fish lovers they are not always easy to source, so be patient with us! 

If you want to order other fresh Cornish white fish, try Cod or Lemon Soles.

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Buying fresh fish online from The Smelly Alley Fish Company means you'll only get quality, we’re the real, old-fashioned town-centre Reading fishmonger. - the best place to buy fish online.

The availability of Pollock, Ling and Whiting varies, so please contact us to find out what the delivery situation is.

Free Delivery over £50, that's over £20 if you live in the Reading area

Pollock, Ling and Whiting - three chefs' favourites, sometimes hard to source, so be patient!