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Torbay Soles Online

The Smelly Alley Fish Company

Glyptocephalus cynoglossus

buy torbay soles witches and megrims online

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Torbay Soles used to be called witches or witch soles, but were renamed Torbay Sole because it’s a more attractive name! They are similar to Dover soles and come from the same family as plaice and lemon soles. Most get exported to Spain, so it’s time to reclaim them as a lovely UK fish!

Sometimes chefs confuse them with megrims, but megrims are a different white fish although they are quite hard to tell apart. The megrim suffers from being the more ugly of the two. Like the Torbay Sole, it is a delicately flavoured fish that is a lot cheaper than a Dover sole, but they are both great eating. 

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Torbay Soles are best cooked on the bone, being careful not to let them dry out. A good alternative to Dover Soles for everyday eating. If you feel like splashing out, try Dover Soles. Or check out Plaice.

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Torbay soles, witches or witch soles, they are all the same fish! And try megrims as well.

Another great Cornish fish!