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Order Bream Online. Sea Bream or Black Seabream or Gilthead Bream (all names for the same fish) are extremely nice, very similar to bass. Some of our customers prefer them to bass.

From the English Channel when wild. Spring is when the wild Bream season starts. One of the nicest fish you can buy. 

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The fishmongers will fillet Sea Bream for you to make your life easy, or order whole gutted and scaled fish.

The best way of cooking is as whole fish, it’s easy if you wrap them in foil. Add any of these - chilli, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, thyme – they are all good with sea bream! Also good on the barbecue, either wrapped in foil or straight on the grid. Here’s a recipe for baked sea bream.

Contact The Smelly Alley Fish Company for advice on Sea Bream, or visit the traditional high street fishmonger if you are in Reading.

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