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Fresh North Sea haddock

Melanogrammus aeglefinus

fresh haddock delivered to you

Buy fresh haddock online from a real fishmonger

You can’t beat our haddock fillet. We buy large haddock, so these fillets are thick, and have a wonderful flavour, they are the best you can get.

Many of our customers prefer haddock to cod, it's a bit firmer with larger flakes than cod, but there’s not a lot in it, it’s all down to personal preference. Poached haddock is a real traditional British dish, as is smoked haddock.

Haddock have a “thumb print” on their body, supposed to have been put there by St Peter, but it’s something they share with John Dory, so maybe it’s just a myth!

One thing is true, ordering fresh fish from The Smelly Alley Fish Company means you'll only get quality, we’re a real, old-fashioned town-centre fishmonger.

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