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Fresh Torbay sole fillets, skinless 130g

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Order Torbay Sole Fillets from a traditional high street fishmonger

Torbay soles are "witches" or "witch soles" - they suffered from bad press with these names so they were renamed by chefs after the bay from where they were often caught. Torbay is in Devon, but Torbay Soles are often a Cornish catch.

They are currently recommended as sustainable by the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide.

Call them Witches, Witch Soles or Megrims, you'll be mostly right if you call them Torbay Soles

Megrims are often caught in northern UK waters, and it's quite hard to tell a witch from a megrim, but the megrim suffers from being the more ugly of the two. If you call these similar fish "Torbay soles" you will be mostly correct!  

They are, like the Lemon Sole, a delicately flavoured fish that is a lot cheaper than a Dover sole, but they shouldn't be dismissed, they are great eating. 

These Torbay Soles have been filleted and skinned, to save you the trouble. You'll find skinned Torbay Soles and whole Torbay Soles here as well.