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Fresh whelk meat 200g

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Buy Fresh Whelk Meat Online from a traditional high street fishmonger!

Whelks are a forgotten shellfish, they deserve to be more popular.

This is fantastic fresh whelk meat. This is exceptionally good, slightly more expensive than our frozen whelk meat. These whelks are tender and tasty, they are from Norfolk (we think, its a well-kept secret!), definitely from England (somewhere).

This is the best Fresh Whelk Meat

This fresh whelk meat is cooked, but if you boil them again for a couple of minutes they will be really tender - great served warm.

The size can vary, so if you particularly like large or small whelks (our customers fall into two classes on this matter), Contact Us to find out before ordering.

Have you been wondering where you can buy whelks in the UK? Look no further order online from The Smelly Alley Fish Company!

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