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Fresh white Devon crab meat 227g

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Fresh white Devon crab meat 227g

Buy online fresh white English crab meat from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company fresh white crab meat, how to serve it and how to choose crab meat:

You can use this fresh white Devon crabmeat straight from the pack in a salad, just lay it out on some salad leaves with some mayonnaise or garlic mayonnaise, or arrange on some smaller plates, again with salad leaves and a lemon half, as a quick, easy and delicous starter. If you don't know a lot about buying crabs or crab meat, this is an easy option because the crab meat is cooked and ready to use and you don't have to extract it from the crab. It's a great addition to fish cakes, here's a recipe for fish cakes. 

Unpasteurised, totally fresh. 

Here's how to choose whether to order white or brown crab meat.

White crab meat is milder, and we think it's excellent, just right for serving just as it is in salads or sandwiches.
If you like a stronger-tasting crab meat, order brown, but don't go all out for just brown meat unless you know you like it, the taste is definitely stronger than the taste of white crab meat!

Here's how to choose whether to order fresh or frozen crab meat.

Frozen crab meat is cheaper, but make sure that it's suitable for your needs - it might be cheaper, but the texture isn't as good and should perhaps be reserved for cooking. You'll find frozen crab meat here.

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