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Fresh wild halibut fillet 150g

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Fresh wild halibut fillet 150g

Buy online fresh halibut from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company find out how to cook halibut:

Halibut has a firm flesh that won't fall apart in cooking. We've got a great recipe for halibut.

This is wild North Sea halibut, not farmed. Information about farmed halibut: all halibut from supermarkets is farmed. There is nothing wrong with farmed, but they are usually small fish. The larger the fish, the better the taste, this applies to all fish. The last halibut we had was over 50kg. These are skinned, boneless 150g fillets, just the right size for one - there are no bones or skin, so no waste! These are thick fillets, not skinny frozen supermarket halibut, we cut them ourselves.

You can also order 500g wild halibut fillets.