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Haddock online

The Smelly Alley Fish Company

Melanogrammus aeglefinus

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Haddock is cod's rival, but there is little to choose between them. Perhaps more popular "up north". A mild-tasting, flaky fish, low-calorie, low-fat and high-protein. St Peter was supposed to have left his thumbprint on haddock, but that story also applies to John Dory! This is fresh, not frozen, haddock.

"The haddock we got last time was delicious"

Size does matter! The bigger the haddock, the better the flavour. Order this haddock and you will get fillets cut from large fish. 

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Buy Fresh Haddock Online from a traditional town centre fishmonger, The Smelly Alley Fish Company. 

Order Haddock to suit you – fillets and loins and saddles, skin on or skinless! It’s not skinny supermarket haddock, it is thick, prime fish from the North Sea, where the best haddock comes from.

Check out our haddock recipes.

And if you live in the Reading area, visit the online fishmongers in the town centre at the Smelly Alley Fish Company – the shop has been there for more than 50 years, in the present ownership for 40 years and the fishmongers have been delivering quality fish nationwide since 1997.

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Haddock has always been popular in the UK, especially in the north. Many of our customers prefer haddock to cod, it's a bit firmer with larger flakes than cod, but there’s not a lot in it taste-wise, it’s all down to personal preference. Poached haddock is a real traditional British dish, as is fish and chips. Try this recipe for baked haddock.

Haddock have a “thumb print” on their body, supposed to have been put there by St Peter, but it’s something they share with John Dory, so maybe it’s just a myth! 

One thing is true, buying fresh fish online from The Smelly Alley Fish Company means you'll only get quality, we’re the real, old-fashioned town-centre Reading fishmonger.

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