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Healthy Fish | The Smelly Alley Fish Company

Fish is a great source of protein and essential nutrients

The essential nutrients vary with each fish, but most provide phosphorus, selenium and vitamin B12. White fish and oily fish have in addition potassium and vitamins B3 and B6. Oily fish are one of the few foods rich in vitamin D (eggs are the only other food source). Many people in the UK have low levels of vitamin D because the only other source is sunlight, which is in short supply in the winter. Shellfish provides, in addition, copper, zinc and iodine.

So eating fish helps to boost your vitamin levels, and provides essential minerals and protein.

Meat vs white fish – fish is low in fat and saturates. Oily fish has more fat, but it tends to be unsaturated fat – omega 3 fats which are linked to good health, especially heart health, brain health and normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

20% of protein eaten by adults in the UK comes from red or processed meat, only 8% from fish. Eating less meat, especially processed meat, lowers the risk of bowel cancer, so you know what to do!

Eating fish twice a week is a good diet to aim for, one day oily fish, one day white fish. What do we mean by oily fish? Think mackerel, sardines, herrings, kippers, trout or salmon.