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Clupea harengus

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Herrings – sleek fish with silver bodies, the “silver darlings” of the Scottish fishing industry. Like cod they have been the reason for many fishing industries in Europe, over 1000s of years. They are becoming quite hard to source, and the best ones now come from Norway.

Herrings are rated as one of the best seafish, and the source of red herrings (salted and dried herrings), rollmops (pickled herrings) and kippers (smoked herrings). 

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Herrings are oily fish which are best cooked whole, baked or grilled. They are often coated in oatmeal which absorbs the oil given off in cooking and which would otherwise be lost.

A great source of Omega 3 oil and vitamin D.3

One of our customers sent us this great recipe for salt herrings.

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Herrings were the "silver darlings" of the Scottish herring industry. Sometimes herrings are hard to source, so order when available.

"Thank you very much for your prompt, well-informed delivery and what excellent, very fresh herrings. They were much enjoyed at Christmas and indeed, salted, are still being enjoyed now."