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How to tell if fish is cooked | The Smelly Alley Fish Company

How to tell if fish is cooked

Well, you know when fish is raw, it just looks raw!

To test fish, insert a fork into the thickest part or a part near the bone if there is a bone. Twist the fork slightly and look at the fish. There are two things that will tell you if the fish is cooked. The action of twisting the fork will show flakes that separate – if the fish resists flaking then it’s not done. Secondly, the translucent appearance of raw fish will have changed to opaque if it is cooked.

Most cook books say"when the fish is cooked…” without describing how to tell it’s cooked! If you serve fish and it’s not cooked, don’t panic … just put it back into the oven or under the grill again – it won’t take long, and your guests won’t mind!

We have even resorted to a quick flash in the microwave – most fish cooks really well in microwaves, although you won’t get a professional chef to admit this! It is worse to overcook fish than undercook it, because once it is overcooked you can’t retrieve the situation, but you can always cook undercooked fish a bit more.

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