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The Smelly Alley Fish Company

Microstomus kitt

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Order Fresh Cornish Lemon Soles online from a traditional high street fishmonger.

Did you know lemon soles are not soles, and don’t taste of lemons? The name “lemon” might come from the French word “limon” which means “silt” – the lemon sole lives on the sea bottom.

Lemon soles are a sweet-tasting fresh flat fish with a delicate taste, from Cornwall. They are popular at The Smelly Alley Fish Company, you'll know why if you try them, so go for it and  order your seafood online. Lemon soles are a lot cheaper than Dover soles, and many of our customers prefer them. 

Buy Lemon Soles now from a traditional high street fishmonger

Order Lemon Soles whole, or order fillets, skin on or skinless.

They are such a lovely fish that they are best cooked simply – baking them is ideal, covered with a layer of foil to make sure they stay moist, or grill them. Jamie Oliver has a recipe where he steams them over a layer of spinach and courgettes. Try this lemon sole recipe.

If you like fresh fish, Cornish Lemon Soles are a must!  Or order Torbay soles and decide which you prefer!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company - it’s the place to buy seafood online. Or visit the friendly fishmongers in the town centre to buy fresh fish if you live in the Reading area – speak to the friendly fishmongers!

Free Delivery over £50, that's over £20 if you live in the Reading area

Lemon soles - not a sole, nor tasting of lemons! A delicate flesh and a sweet taste. Order whole fish or fillets, skin on or skin off, ready to cook. Let us know if you want head- and tail-off fish. These lemon soles are fresh, not frozen.

Cornish fish - you can't beat it!