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Live whelks 250g

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Buy Live Whelks Online from a traditional high street fishmonger!

Whelks are a forgotten shellfish, they deserve to be more popular. If you order these you will get 250g, the number of whelks will depend on how large they are. If you need a certain number rather than weight, make a note when you check out, there is a space to leave comments.

Whelks Ė how to cook and serve them:


Live whelks - boil for ten minutes in slightly salted water and eat warm. Some people think they are best boiled in seawater, but that's not an option for everybody!

Whelks donít have to be chewy! Some chefs recommend freezing them to make them tender, but itís all in the cooking Ė donít overcook! We have a whelk recipe page.

The Smelly Alley Fish Company in Reading is the best place to order your live whelks! Or try cockles and winkles.