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Lobster tail 140g

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Buy Lobster Tails Online from a traditional high street fishmonger!

This is an uncooked lobster tail weighing just over 140g. It is frozen,so it may be subject to thawing out, and will then keep in the fridge for two days. Do not refreeze if it has thawed out because this will spoil the texture. Boiled, baked or barbecued, it will be absolutely delicious.

Lobster tails, ideal on the barbecue

Lobsters are a good source of omega-3 and vitamin B12, are high in protein and have eight times less saturated fat than the same weight of beef.

Lobster tails are easy to cook.When defrosted they can be served warm by cooking for a maximum of 5 minutes in boiling water. Cut the shell with strong scissors down the length of the shell and serve with melted butter. If you grill or bake them, defrost then cut down the length of the shell and bake or grill for 10 minutes in a hot oven, under a grill or on the barbecue, after pouring some melted butter over.

The difference between lobsters, langoustines, crayfish and crawfish – here’s an explanation!