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Mahi mahi

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Mahi mahi

Buy online fresh mahi mahi from areal traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company – findout how to cook mahi mahi:

Mahi mahi has a firm flesh that won't fall apart in cooking.We’ll send you 200g fillets, hopefully with all the bones removed!

This is an excellent, firm-flavoured fish, also called dolphinfish, and lampuki in Malta, where it is much prized, especially for the famous lampuki pie. It is not a dolphin! You'll enjoy it, you'll get boneless fillets, fine-flavoured, easy to cook, and one 200g portion will easily serve two unless they are really hungry!

Try it on the barbeque (we’re promised some hot weather soon), or pan fry in a little butter, three minutes with the skin side down, then two or three minutes when you turn the fillet over. When it’s done put it on a warm plate, add some more butter to the pan –about a tablespoon – and melt it. Add some lemon juice and chopped parsley. When it’s just starting to brown, pour it over the mahi mahi and serve immediately. Mashed potato is good with this, or serve with a green salad.