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ProvenÁale sauce

This is a useful sauce for seafood. The basic sauce is made from tomatoes, onions, garlic and white wine. Capers, parsley and black olives are sometimes added. Itís also a good base for our fish stew.

Make it and keep it ready in your freezer ready to add to fish and seafood.

You can cheat by using tinned tomatoes, but if you are making it yourself then nothing beats the taste of cooked fresh tomatoes in this dish. Weíve been making this sauce at home for years (for pasta), just didnít realize it was called ProvenÁale sauce!

How to make ProvenÁale sauce. 

This is a typical recipe from The Smelly Alley Fish Company, it does not have any definite weights or amounts, go by the taste!

Fry one or two onions in olive oil until soft. Add a kilo of fresh tomatoes or two tins of chopped tinned tomatoes. Cook until the tomatoes are soft. We have been known to put this into a slow cooker and leave overnight. Thatís the basic sauce, to which you can add white wine, capers, black olives and/or herbs. The herbs? Chopped basil or parsley. Coriander is also good but some think it has too strong a taste. Keep some of your herbs to sprinkle on the dish when serving. Garlic is more or less essential, but we always add very thinly sliced garlic just before serving, then you donít get that metallic taste that garlic gets if it is cooked too long.

Use this to make Scampi ProvenÁale, hereís how:

Use our frozen scampi tails, they are ideal in this dish because ours are real peeled langoustine tails, not reconstituted scampi. You can also use peeled king prawns, but then it would be Prawn ProvenÁale!

Defrost the sauce in a microwave if you are using it from the freezer. Gently heat the sauce on the hob. Hereís where you add the very thinly sliced garlic if you havenít already. A pinch of chilli flakes or a teaspoon of chilli sauce is an option, not to make this a hot dish, just to add another flavour. Add the scampi or prawns to the sauce and cook Ė 5 minutes should be enough. Take a scampi or prawn out after 5 minutes and cut in two to see if it is cooked.

Serve with plain boiled rice and a sprinkling of herbs.

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