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Razor clams 1kg

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Razor clams 1kg

Buy online razor clams from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company razor clams:

Live razor clams - they are sweet tasting and unusual. When they are available they are well worth trying! 

Laid in their shells as a starter they look great. Cook as for other clams, steam, or cook with olive oil and garlic until they open. One kilo will serve two or three, depending in whether you are making a main course or a starter. 

Sometimes only frozen-from-live are available, if this is the case we will tell you. Just cook from frozen as fresh. Here is a recipe for razor clams shown in the photograph - just steam the razor clams until they open, lay the chopped clam in one shell, discard the other one. Add some breadcrumbs and a few slivers of butter, then grill until browned, sprinkle with some parsley or chopped chives and serve.

Looking for other shellfish? Try mussels or cockles.

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